With Santinela OEE Software you will improve both the production lines’ yield and your business revenue. Are you ready to start?

OEE Software
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
OEE System
Santinela OEE Software

Improved manufacturing equipment effectiveness

has numerous knock-on effects across planning, output, material usage, and waste, product quality, labor productivity, energy consumption, and, finally, overall revenue, complexity management, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Santinela OEE Software

Many manufacturers are already using OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) as a performance metric to:

  • Measure equipment performance,
  • Create catalysts for continuous improvement and change management,
  • Assess existing and future industrial investments,
  • Track and benchmark (directly or indirectly) manufacturing performance across machines and sites, taking a broad view of all aspects of production.

To deliver the target OEE and production output, we need to consider the main key factors that affect performance.

OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality.

A measure of the time the plant is available for production compared to the manufacturing requirements. Any losses in this area would be due to significant breakdowns or extended setup time.

The rate the actual units are produced compared to the designed output. Losses in this area would be due to slow running speed, minor downtimes/adjustments, and material shortages.

A measure of good quality, saleable product, minus any losses. Losses for this element would be damaged rejects or products needing rework.

Our solution is suitable for you: Santinela OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) module calculates and monitors all the above and provides you with the correct OEE level relative to the current performance against the optimum one. All lost opportunities are highlighted, with recommendations for reducing waste, leading to improved and enhanced profitability.

Please note that using basic tools (pen & paper, excel, etc.) to track OEE will waste a considerable amount of time manipulating and analyzing production data. Manufacturers already feel the need for more robust applications, such as the high-performance Santinela platform.

SAntinela OEE Software

In a nutshell, OEE and low yield in production lines are highly impacted by inefficient planned downtimes, frequent and unexplained unplanned downtimes, highly variable equipment speed, and production losses. Our mission is to prevent these from happening in the first place through fighting their root causes:
  • Incorrect measurement of the items mentioned above,
  • Lack of enough and correct information on the problems and root-causes,
  • Lack of shopfloor staff ownership, understanding, and motivation.

Santinela OEE Software module watches seamlessly over production lines activity in real-time, providing a comprehensive perspective on issues affecting them. It achieves this through:

  • Real-time OEE monitoring and reporting, through intuitive identification and troubleshooting instruments,
  • Production management and monitoring,
  • Comprehensive and participative semi-automatic/automatic diagnosis for downtimes and defects,
  • Holistic curative maintenance management (through Santinela TIA ticketing module), leading to an efficient and effective Defect Handling System,
  • Extensive media capabilities on mobile devices to clearly explain problems and opportunities (photos, videos, chat)
  • Chat and ticket traceability capabilities 
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface for shopfloor staff,
  • Advanced and flexible Business Intelligence reporting cubes.

Santinela OEE Software is backed up by years of Lean manufacturing and TPM consulting experience - ensuring your business is not only monitored but supported – maximizing your results.

With Santinela OEE, you will improve both the production lines’ yield and your business revenue.
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