When it comes to production, it’s all about synergy. Your machines need to function like clockwork, and in order to achieve that, all personnel must work in unison.

Everyday issues that need to be managed

Problem management and solving processes in manufacturing environments impact productivity and results tremendously, mainly when time and limited resources are crucial parameters.

These processes are affected by many factors like:
  • Lack of visibility to prioritize and manage all daily and continuous improvement problems and activities,
  • Lack of reliable data to be able to define and analyze problems,
  • Extensive and time-consuming paperwork if there is no centralized problem management system,
  • Low motivation of the staff due to the lack of visibility in problem-solving cycles,
  • Lack of real-time connectivity between activities and communication between/inside the different teams.
Santinela Ticket Management System

We have the definitive solution:

Santinela TIA (Ticketing, Interventions and Actions) module is a centralized, holistic, mobile problem management system that provides extensive multimedia and real-time communication capabilities to empower your teams. Our solution improves staff activity performance through the following features:

  • Centralized platform to manage all activities in a manufacturing environment,
  • Complete Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) problem-solving flow,
  • Web and mobile interface that supports multiple technologies,
  • Extensive media capabilities on mobile devices to clearly explain problems and opportunities (photos, videos, chat)
  • Chat and ticket traceability capabilities
  • Staff Activity Management and Productivity Measurement,
  • Solid base for Knowledge sharing,
  • Advanced and flexible Business Intelligence reporting cubes,
  • Integration with our OEE Software Module.

Santinela TIA:

  • will immediately upgrade your problem management skills,
  • will fast track your ability to respond to issues in real-time, and
  • will create a motivating and empowering teamwork environment.

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