Who are we?

We know exactly how to help you make your production lines more efficient and grow your business.
We are the OEE and LEAN specialists!

About Us

The Santinela team has grown up working in large manufacturing organizations with full responsibility for the shop floor. One of the key reasons for the establishment of Santinela was the frustration level when dealing with waste in general and material waste, equipment effectiveness/downtimes, and labor productivity in particular.

We established Santinela to deliver a better Quality of Service, better than any other organization that claims to have developed a similar solution.

What’s your story? We are keen to find out more about your business and help you overcome your challenges.

In fact – we now have a proven reputation for delivering manufacturing excellence – to budget, on time, every time.



One-stop-shop’ manufacturing efficiency service.

With a suite of software modules that are all easily configured to suit your needs and requirements, we can deliver against the most demanding manufacturing clients. We support that through genuine partnerships with our clients and an engaging team with deep experience of what it’s really like working on the shop floor and the everyday challenges that are faced.

Our entire organization thrives on challenges, is ingenious and strategic, yet can be trusted to pay serious attention to detail and to provide tangible solutions to budget, on time, every time, guaranteed.

Our Roots

With its roots in the EU, Santinela is a Romanian software company. It boasts a team of extensive experience and expertise to deliver optimum solutions that achieve the ideal balance of efficiency and effectiveness required within manufacturing operations.

Santinela is known to deliver combined modular solutions to enable any manufacturing plant to rapidly progress to a World Class Manufacturing standard.

Santinela OEE, TIA, CMMS and STW are rapidly becoming the ‘go-to’ decision support tools to implement best manufacturing practices and champion lean manufacturing results.

Come and talk to our lean manufacturing champions and fast track your productivity to World Class standards.